Process of selling used car

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Get the best price through our online auction and get paid instantly.

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Book an appointment for vehicle inspection at home or your nearest City.

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Answer some questions about your car to help us understand its condition

Why sell car to Harman Motors?

Harman Motors provides instant valuation of your car online, has a large selling network to provide a hassle free experience. Harman Motors does free inspection for your car and has a very transparent process. Selling used cars through classifieds can be challenging due to privacy concerns, fake profiles, excessive calls. As a solution, selling cars online offers convenience, wider reach, cost savings, and a streamlined process.

Instant Payment

The amount is transferred directly to your bank account within minutes

Hassle-free Documentation

Documentation can be done at your doorstep

Sell From Anywhere

From inspection to payment, everything right from your doorstep!

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